Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Back to the moon!? ::

When President Bush delivers a speech recognizing the centenary of heavier-than-air-powered flight December 17, it is expected that he will proffer a bold vision of renewed space flight, with at its center a return to the moon, perhaps even establishment of a permanent presence there.

This is excellent news if true. It would be a boom for the robotics industry and many others.

For those who think it isn't a cost effective effort, the main reason to go into space is to get effectively unlimited resources (both mineral from asteroids & energy from the sun) without polluting the earth. This is from now to 100 years from now. On the order of 1000s of years, the motivation changes, but the mandate is equally clear: to ensure that some fool with a virus, a lucky asteroid, or the nuclear powers don't whipe out the human race, we MUST eventually go into space. It is the only worthy insurance.

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