Friday, December 19, 2003

Libya to give up weapons programs

Watch Bush's address regarding Libya's commitment to dismantle any weapons programs & invite UN inspectors into the country.
Two important motivations:
1) Countries which do not act in accordance to the peace and prosperity of the world will be punished. Iraq is learning this the hard way.
2) Countries which cooperate with the world authority will be rewarded.

I am certain Libya will benefit greatly from this with trade deals, movements for internal reform, and greater stability.

This is a very clear example of how America need not invade every country that stands against its security interests. In fact, I think it could be argued rather convincingly that only there needs to be only one demonstration of our willingness to enforce our demands, before other countries will act without one.

This might seem like America is taking a very aggressive stance. It IS, but the positive point here is that we are aggressively defending peace, prosperity, and freedom for the world, rather than simply dominating it. It is no coincidence that the countries that threaten us most with WMD development, also suffer economically even compared to other countries in the region, in addition to having autocratic oppressive governments.

It has been argued (notably by Thomas Friedman), that we are entering an age where there are two sides in a divided world: the world of order verses the world of disorder. We need to wake up from history and move everyone in the world to this world of order. This is the process of globalization, and it is inevitable.

The only question how many people will die in the resistance to such forces.

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