Thursday, January 29, 2004

CNN.com - Report: Colleges unprepared for Latino students

I don't understand this CNN article. It seems like complete racist garbage, treating Hispanics as if they are different inherently from non-Hispanics.

The article mentions poverty, and how Hispanics might not be able to pay for college. Instead they tend to get jobs immediately to help 'dependents'.

Why the issue of poverty is unique to Hispanics is beyond me. What I think this is all about, rather, is having "Hispanic culture awareness days", and multicultural "training". It's a false veneer culture they are trying to create, perhaps for the purposes of indoctrination. I saw this again and again at both UCLA and NYU in working with university administration. Everything was about a "celebration of diversity", all without any real substance. Simply put, you don't need to make special cases for different people if there is no effective difference. Highlighting the difference through special programs, such as race specific advisors, or affirmative action, only divides groups and exaggerates differences.

The only issue I could imagine with Hispanics is one of language, which is common to many immigrants, but Hispanics are the largest immigrant minority. The article doesn't mention language.

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