Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Bush Aims For 'Greater Mideast' Plan:: The only thing that will stop the roots of Islamic terrorism is a sea change in the system in the middle east. Progressive democracies with free markets and protection of civil liberties will NOT produce terrorists on the scale of 9-11.

The world-reaching insanity of fanatics on a mission to destroy infidels can only be stopped by giving people control over their lives. Given the choice, a normal person, regardless of background, will work to ensure that his community's well being is secure, rather than attack a neighbor. The key element is the empowerment to do so.

Democracy gives the individual choice over policy and government.
Open markets gives the individual choice over his/her well being: working harder directly translates to personal benefit.
Civil liberties, a combination of the effects of the 2 above, when guaranteed, allow for a level of trust in the system which facilitates smooth operation in an ordinarily chaotic world.

Bush seeks a bigger vision for the Middle East, post-Iraq. Just like the axis powers post WWII & former Eastern Block states, efforts to spread our values pay off immensely on a long enough time line. The article describes the basic plan, to be discussed in the G-8 summit.

By the way, it is insane that India and China are not in the G-8, for the same reasons. We are better off if they benefit from mirroring our system.
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