Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I haven't posted much on robotics recently. The news is only somewhat interesting.

Here is a brief rundown:

Marshall Brain thinks military robots are bad because they can do immoral acts without question, and the barriers to war go down. Frankly, I think he is right about the ease to go to war, but wrong with the results: aside from nukes, what would stop us from invading every dictatorship in the world and achieving our implicit long term goal of spreading democracy? Nothing.

I want to go to the Robotics Trends' Emerging Robotics Technologies and Applications Conference . It looks like a good collection of industry leaders coming together to talk about what is right around the corner. Sounds fun!

The DARPA Grand Challenge robotic race is coming up fast. I see a few particular graduate students always working down the hall from me in Red's Office. Keep up with it from the Red Team or from DARPA's Grand Challenge homepage.

And as always, keep up with the robotic snail on Mars. Who am I kidding, that little guy is awesome!

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