Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Just the facts, Mel | Samizdata.net:: The passion...

"The way I see it, a couple thousand years ago a Jewish man called Jesus, most of whose followers were Jews, was executed on the basis of trumped up charges. This was done with the grudging sufferance of the Imperial Roman authorities at the behest of certain powerful Jewish political and community leaders. Thus it would be fair to say he was killed by Jews.

This is of course not at all the same thing as saying he was killed by the Jews: that makes about as much sense as saying "John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the Caucasians".

This is just history, guys! What is the big deal?"

I agree. The fear that there could be sources that anti-Semites could use is kind of silly. Clearly those folks find some crazy means one way or another to hate. Saying a movie is bad because haters will hate more because of it is a point I don't agree with. Besides, the reviews make it sound that the movie makes the watcher feel culpable, in a “what would I have done, had I been there" sort of way.

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