Wednesday, February 04, 2004

US plans to cut troops in Europe by a third

This is great news. Defense and law enforcement are the two most important jobs of the Federal and State governments, respectively. I love defense spending, because it is used to advance American presence abroad, fund bold new research initiatives, or, at its best, is used to free an oppressed people.

But, wasting hundreds of billions of dollars every year on an old Cold War infrastructure is ridiculous. I would much rather we become more flexible and heavily stress the use of Special Forces. This move will do just that.

Beyond this, we should pull out of South Korea and Japan and let those rich countries defend themselves. Having targets for the North only provokes choleric, attention-getting behavior, and if a situation were to arise, we can be mobilized quickly, as the first gulf war proved, and eradicate any threat. Letting North Korea know we are serious is the best way to ensure it won’t happen. Here is an article from Cato Institute that better describes the options.

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