Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Al Qaeda's Wish List and Weak on Terror are two oposing views on the recent elections in Spain. Here is a letter I just wrote to both of the authors, David Brooks and Paul Krugman, respectively:

Hello Mr. Brooks and Mr. Krugman,

My first question is rather obvious reading both your columns this morning: Do you read each others work? Better yet, have you ever had a discussion or debate about the issues? I would certainly pay to see that, even if it were a simple office water-cooler debacle.

My second question is to Mr. Krugman, based on the ideas in Mr. Brooks’s column: how do you propose to fight the seeds of terror, other means other than spreading democracy and liberalism through the currently backward Islamic Arab world?

Also, you say that Iraq, a "brutal but secular" regime had nothing to do with the attack of fanatic Muslims in Al Queda. Then Spain gets attacked by Al Queda, debatably, because of its involvement in Iraq. Doesn't that prove to you that the Al Queda wants to see America fail there; that it is indeed a crucial battleground on the "war on terror"?

People seem to complain about terms like a "war on terror", which technically can never be won. Yet, they seem to be blind to the most obvious methods available to stop the root of terror. Going after Joe-bomber in the Arab basement is a wild goose-chase, as Israel has shown. Solving the problems that cause the terror is a true solution.

Thanks & continue the great work ( Mr. Brooks ;),

Ivan Kirigin

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