Wednesday, March 03, 2004

CBSNews.com:: videos updated often. I like that they are free.

Go to the "Bloody Tuesday In Iraq" video, and watch a man in a hospital after over 140 people were killed in multiple blasts. Apparently they blame the foreign nationals for the blast but also blame America for letting these folks across the border.

His quote that I find remarkably naive: "Is this the freedom? Pardon my language, but FCUK the freedom."

Is this the view of most Iraqis? Probably not, at least not in the long run. Is this the only quote you hear from CBS-news of a "man on the street" reaction? Yes.

That man should join the army or interim authority if he wants to do more than complain about lacking government services that have never really existed before America came. Placing blame on America only proves that such bombings are successful psychological warfare, while failures in any real sense, and encourage more bombings.

Do people think that because America is rich, it can solve ALL the world’s problems so fast? It’s like we have some magic that we can sprinkle on Iraq and make everyone happy.

There is a fundamental lack of understanding, often even in America, about what makes a country successful. It is the sum of all the successful people in the country, and not some broad notion of charity or a unified personal government. How could it just be the government when our economy is 10 times the size of our government? America's government is good because it allows for individuals to grow without great hindrances.

People are successful, for the most part, if they work hard and live a stable life. (e.g. across all races, the long-term poverty rate for individuals that hold a steady job and get married is almost nil, i.e. they don’t stay poor.)

I’m sure there are people in Iraq who prove this idea on a daily basis. I wish I could get a major news source to talk about them, rather than giving a police-blotter style body-count quote and calling it journalism.
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