Wednesday, March 03, 2004

CNN.com - New video game uses voice technology::I love different modes of input in videogames, IF they work well.

"As it turns out, Rio is a great listener. "LifeLine" recognizes more than 5,000 words and 100,000 phrases such as "Run," "Walk," "Open door," "Go to this room," etc. During firefights, you have to tell her to where, when and whom to shoot.

Konami's "LifeLine"
Of course, if you have a virtual hottie like Rio at the center of an action game, some players will try to command her to do more than just run and shoot. " 'I love you,' 'Take your clothes off,' 'What's your sign?' We have responses for most of those," Goff says. He believes part of the fun in this game is seeing exactly what Rio will respond to. "

I wonder what kind of software they use for the voice recognition, and how robust it is. I think this interface for a 1st person explorer/shooter is silly. A game like StarCraft, where you need to strategically command hundreds of units, would be better suited.

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