Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Takin Care Of Business, - By The_Macallan@AR15.com:: An unofficial ad for George W. Bush.

It is different than the ones you'll see on television, in that it's based on music, images, and plenty of text, but I think it is extremely effective.

The point of the ad is that Bush is good for the economy. Taking almost any measure, the current economy is doing just fine. The only concern of mine is the deficit, but this isn't as bad as people think. Like the price of gas, these numbers phrased in relative terms are much more benign. For the deficit, it isn't the largest as a percentage of the GDP. For gas, factoring inflation and purchasing power shows that gas prices haven't really changed since the 50s! Upper middle class college students and members of the intelligentsia whine about the poor, poor lower classes without looking at what would benefit the prols: a better business environment to induce growth.

A few months ago, I contacted the Bush2004 team with an idea about using grass roots internet support by showing and sharing ads by individuals. No reply to date, but at the very least, they should have a press release saying that they enjoy but cannot officially endorse such ads. This would allow the press to pick them up for free. On the left, you'll have MoveOn.org saying Bush is Hitler and nothing good about Kerry. On the right, you'll get great ads like this one.

I am quite confident that there really isn't much the Dems can do about this election. Let's list some factors:

-The economy is as good if not better than Clinton's 1996 election year.

-There haven't been any terrorist attacks on US soil since 911. If there is one (God forbid), it will only benefit Bush.

-Iraq will be better in November 2004 than February 2003, and the handover of authority should be before November, even if there is a delay.

-Bush is the only one who could possibly touch Social Security.

-His immigration reform is exactly right, and his strong free-trade stance is better than Kerry's "fair trade" rhetoric.

-Kerry himself hasn't really declared a stance on any major issue, other than the fact that there is only 1 George W. Bush, and he is NOT him.

-Kerry has already been defined by the Bush team as a waffler who is bad on a number of issues, and Americans believe it.

-Bush has a lot more money than Kerry.

-Bush is the incumbent.

-Changes in the Electoral College & population give Bush the advantage coming in.

-If Bin Laden gets caught ANYTIME before November, that will be the final nail in the coffin.

Maybe I’m too optimistic. I could be underestimating the “not Bush” vote. Kerry may yet say something interesting. He could get McCain in his ticket. I voted McCain in the 2000 primaries; I love his ideas. BUT, he won’t do it.

I wonder how long this will stay interesting. 7 months? Probably not.

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