Sunday, April 25, 2004

Kerry's incredible budget promises - The Washington Times: Editorials/OP-ED:: One dilemma I've been having with democracy lately is that people have the right to create an insolvent government. We can vote for lower taxes and higher benefits, and somewhere in between reality is lost in the confusion.

Kerry's promises always seemed a bit inappropriate to me. Firstly, I simply don't think the government should provide things that I can provide myself. Put it another way, I don't think the government should coerce me into giving it money to pay for things other people should be doing on their own. Secondly, such systems rarely pan out to positive programs, when any simple cost-benefit analysis is applied.

The article above is most welcome, because it breaks down some of the simpleton promises Kerry has made into their actual numbers. Simply put, there is no way it balances out, without major tax hikes. He is crafting class warfare with his talk of “middle-class” tax cuts and a tax increase for “the rich”. Too bad 95% of tax revenue comes from the top 50% of income brackets.

This is a very frustrating downward spiral to socialism, where governments tax and regulate more, hurting the economy, to give money and services to individuals hurt by implicitly engineered failings in same economy. Sheesh!
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