Monday, April 19, 2004

MSNBC - Robot plane drops bomb in test:: This is very different than a predator, which is tele-operated. Autonomy is the true end in robotics, not just displacing the operator far from risk.

To operate 10X as many predators, you need 10X+ as many people. To operate an autonomous air force, you don't really need anyone, except those that maintain the machines. Even that can be automated.

The problem is today’s war is that you need to send in a first wave of high altitude or stealth planes to take out the anti-aircraft capabilities. This slows the progress in a war. If you could just send in a smart swarm, with refueling overhead, you could have dominance of a region almost instantly.

This, along with projects to revolutionize information technology at all levels in the military, will put our army leaps and bounds above the rest. This game of momentum is amazing. We spend more on military enhancement than the next 15 countries in the world COMBINED. It is understandable. I can imagine any large budget proposal is met with a "why bother?" from those with more domestic concerns. I’ve also read in places that it is hard for us to work with other armies, because their infrastructure and organization just doesn’t compare. So much for “internationalization” of future wars of liberation…

You might not like the idea of the USA being the world's policeman, but little evidence shows it will or even could change. Maybe when there aren't any more dictators, we'll cut military spending. That will hopefully be soon.

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