Thursday, April 29, 2004

Poll:More Iraqis optimistic, dislike U.S.:: Quirky public opinion in Iraq. A few questions: If you are better off now after the war, why was the war not worth it? If you aren't basing your opinions on direct negative contact with soldiers, what are you basing them on? Al Jazeera? I wonder why they repeatedly show American’s attacking Iraqi insurgent targets, but not things like building hospitals, schools, giving many Iraqis jobs, and comment on the lack of mass murder.

And a question to faltering Americans: would it be better or worse to find that Saddam had succeeded in creating usable WMD in the programs which were shown to exist? And I'm not talking selfish politics here, where not finding WMD shows that Bush was wrong, and Bush is bad because he was wrong on the war. That is sort of putting the cart before the horse. If the threat was credible, as the CIA and other intelligence agencies claimed, isn't it only good in finding things weren't that bad after all?

Yes, we are now in Iraq. Yes, we are under attack daily. BUT, we are killing insurgents as fast as possible, while minimizing civilian casualties, having the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps begin to take care of the situation, and keeping the option open for talks.

But this is just a push in the right direction. America must use its power to help to most corrupt parts of the world. WMD was icing on the cake to go to war. Preventing more mass graves, a domino effect of spreading democracy, being on the offensive with the terrorists, directly stopping Saddam's support of groups like Hammas, etc. these were the flour, sugar, eggs, and semi-sweet chocolate for that same cake :)

Everyone needs to relax, take a step back, and think about the situation from 30K feet.

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