Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Amazon.com: Kitchen & Housewares: Electrolux EL520A Trilobite Robotic Vacuum:: This costs $1800 vs. Roomba's $200. How do they expect to compete? People that can afford this can afford the $100/mo. cost of a maid, who will do a much better job for now.

If it were a robotics platform upon which I can expect other services to be built, it would start to get interesting. For instance, a robo-installation that costs ~$2-5K -- but which allows you to use 10+ $200 robots -- would make a lot more sense. Some robots that could be made now: vacuums, security sentinels, entertainment bots with advanced perception capabilities, specialized cleaners - like for a tub or tile floor, mobile air purifiers, mobile routers/repeaters to optimize a reconfigurable wireless home/corporate office LAN, any ubiquitous computing application you can think of...

I can't believe I'm not seeing more of a unified approach. Clearly the company to get on the ground floor of this (if it is viable and marketable) would be in an excellent position because no one would need to buy a _second_ robotics platform.

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