Tuesday, June 29, 2004

>bt: The Clinton Legacy << Video:: I love Evan Coyne Maloney's "Brain Terminal" videos. Here are more clueless foot soldiers, this time flocking to see Clinton, few able to say why he was good. I liked some things Clinton did:

- Supported free trade (but didn't hold China accountable for human rights violations, i.e. use trade as a soft method of coercion, knowing they will capitulate)
- Few limits on the internet (though the DMCA is bad)
- Bombing the Serbs (late. Also, where were the WMD?)
- Strong efforts to solve the Israel/Palestine dispute (naive with trust in Arafat?)
- Inventing the Internet (or was that Gore?)
- Standing up to the rise of global terror (or was that Bush 43?)

It looks like I might be as confused as the folks in the video.

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