Saturday, June 05, 2004

Third Party votes are never wasted:: I really think that the 2 party system in America does little more than make the majority of people disappointed in the result. The link above is to an interesting post & discussion in the comments about the effect of votes for 3rd party candidates in different systems focusing on USA & UK.

I think that a vote ALWAYS sends a message, and you should vote for the person who will best represent your ideas. A "lesser of probably evils" vote is a race to the bottom, and probably designed by the FEC, which is manned almost exclusively by Democrats & Republicans. Please use the following incomplete guide to voting in America's Presidential Election 2004 [InG 2 VInAPE 2004]:

If you want universal health care guaranteed by the government, vote Nader.

If you want an immediate pull out of Iraq and a toned-down American foreign policy, vote Nader or Libertarian.

If you want fast changes in government which will give a great deal of responsibility and tax dollars back to individuals through the reform of health care, Social Security, Welfare, omnipresent regulation, and unfair tax codes, vote Libertarian.

If you want it at a slightly slower pace (hopefully), vote Bush.

If you want an effective foreign policy in the face of terrorist strikes, and a commitment to democracy in the Middle East, vote Bush.

If you want free trade, vote Libertarian or Bush.

If you want protectionism, or "fair" trade, vote Nader.

If you want someone who has had all the views above, watered down and milquetoast, vote Kerry.

If you want to follow in lock-step with the crowd, vote for Not-Bush or Not-Kerry. They both seem popular these days.

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