Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Class Action? Third Aisle to the Left.:: Trial lawyers who benefit the more government imposes broad rules on business are joining forces with groups who see Wal-Mart a negative force in society. Wal-Mart is being sued by people claiming discriminatory promotion habits. Read the article linked to get one view showing how ridiculous the claim is.

It is the scapegoat for many anti-capitalists. Wal-Mart has done little more than combine extremely efficient supply lines and logistics with a decentralized local control, which yields an amazing number of products at extremely low prices all across America. This, combined with the extremely deep pockets of the family, is enough to make Wal-Mart the most often sued company in America.

Of course, once these products are available to a broad range of Americans, people forget their added benefit, and begin complaining about things like the protection of non-competitive local shops and the evils of foreign manufacturing (which is a far greater benefit to developing economies than all foreign aid in the form of welfare-like cash payments).

I just wish those who are motivated by security and equality would learn to appreciate the national security that comes from interdependence, the economic security of numerous and non-local sources of products, and the economic and humanitarian benefits of bringing the whole world into one growing economy.

At the very least, Edwards, among other dems, lefties, and reactionaries, should start reading more Milton Friedman. They can start here.

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