Tuesday, July 06, 2004

CNN.com - Kerry announces Edwards as his running mate:: Edwards is probably a better leader than Kerry, even if younger, because he can stir a crowd to passions, and is clearly skilled with his successes as a trial lawyer (I'm still trying to decide what skills a legislator has. He or she uses a laymen’s knowledge on most issues to decide what is best for others. Compromise is their biggest feature, hardly making a moral stalwart).

Also, Edwards is stronger than Cheney. I think Bush should swap Cheney & Rice or Powell's positions. It would please many people and keep the operational habits identical. In addition it would place an African American to the highest position yet achieved, most importantly for reasons not having to do with race (though I doubt the NAACP or PUSH would notice).

That said, I hate Edwards' idea of "Two Americas". It is too close to Marxist class ideology, divisive, and wrong. Discounting new immigrants, the vast majority of Americans enjoy a rising quality of life. Immigrants join the rise after being here for 10 years, on average. Considering immigrants almost always start in a far poorer state than Americans, this is still remarkable.

Rising costs of education and health care only indicate that more people have access to these tools once reserved for the elite.

Edwards confirms my fears that the Kerry ticket is likely to raise tariffs or other protectionist barriers to trade, support a welfare state, and do nothing about Social Security.

Also, Drudge Report has some interesting links about the past comments on Edwards, some by Kerry.
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