Thursday, July 01, 2004

From the newspaper that brought you a celebration of James Joyce's work on Bloom's Day, and the indelible mark it has left on our collective psyche....

... I bring you the news that there are no Elite on the left (they are on the right).

This is name-calling at its worst. Like Ann Coulter, sadly, she is attacking name-calling with more name-calling.

Who does she think take up the majority of editorial positions in big journalism?
Who takes the majority of social science professorships at our indoctrinating universities?
Which party has an average donation rate an order of magnitude higher than the other?

Also note that the Club for Growth is “ultra-elite right-wing”, because they don’t think high taxes are conducive for business growth. If I agree with them, does this make me elite? If so, I can't wait till those bigs bucks start rolling in.

This is supposed to replace Thomas Freedman? Just in time for Freedman to go without criticizing zero-sum, protectionist trade policies of one objectionable presidential candidate.

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