Wednesday, September 29, 2004


FOXNews.com - SpaceShipOne Reaches Space Again, Lands:: This is a great story. Private enterprise racing past beached whales at NASA, new markets & frontiers, and so much good technology democratized for the general, paying public.

Look for Virgin space tourism, but also for Virgin satellite launch services

I guess I should plan now if I want to buy a house or go to space for 5 minutes in 2007. Hopefully by 2017 the trip length and quality can be extended by a few years. By 2027, we should be able to reach Mars and build significant energy generation capabilities on orbit. By 2037, we’ll be able to mine asteroids and live permanently on multiple extra-solar bodies.

I might be getting into the heat of the moment.

This is very exciting. Private enterprise is a wonderful thing. And so is a reference to an animated cartoons. Would the goverment do that?? I didn't think so.
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