Friday, October 08, 2004


My dad emails a reminder of Croatia's Independence Day, Oct. 8th. Fighting for autonomy and democracy is a great thing. I only really remember the power outages and shortages on my summer trips to Croatia during the war. That, and the fact that I had relatives fighting, wasn't very comforting. With tourism increasing at a rapid pace, an economy still struggling to transfer to more market based practices, but on one complaining about the government efforts at marginalization of religion and imprisonment for nationalism, it was certainly worth it.

If you have a chance, visit beautiful Croatia. From my dad:
Mary Ann, Fran, Josko and Ivan might wish think of their vacations in Croatia, in the years 1991 - 1995, when you guys went into the war zone for the vacations. Do you remember July 1992, when in a big Cadillac Eldorado we all entered town Zadar and the streets were eerie empty; we wanted to buy some sandwiches and cold drinks.. Then we saw some people in one basement who thought we were lunatics as Zadar was under the bomb alert (alarm sirens were minutes before we entered Zadar). Well, we continued along empty highway further south along the coast. (no cold drinks, as electricity was
totally out.). What the heck.

Not that many teenagers do that.

Have a nice day and a drink for Croatia!

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